Ranwo is a social enterprise which empowers single parents by educating and employing them to become virtual assistants.


This mission is achieved in two stages:

  • We provide a training programme which develops the digital and administrative skills of single parents.

  • Once the training programme is complete, our single parents are now equipped to provide administrative support to organisations in the UK.

Ranwo was created to provide single parents with a way of pursuing a sustainable career, while also supporting their children in a meaningful way. Working remotely as a virtual assistant gives them the freedom and flexibility they need as a single parent.

Ranwo is derived from the Yoruba word ‘iranwo’ which means to help or provide assistance and this is largely embedded within our ethos.


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We want to empower our employees and our clients.

We want to ensure our single parents are financially empowered and better equipped to become part of the workforce in the future. We want to empower our clients to have more time to focus on tasks that are important to them.


By outsourcing administrative tasks, we empower entrepreneurs and work professionals to free up their head space to focus on tasks of greater importance.

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We believe in bringing your whole personality to your job.


Ranwo assistants aren’t just robots who complete your work and return it in back in a machine-like way. We get to know our clients, we let our clients get to know us and we build authentic and useful relationships with each other.


Through this, our assistants are able to complete work for our clients in a way that they appreciate. Moreover, it allows our clients to trust our assistants to a greater extent.

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We believe in building more diverse working relationships.


By connecting clients and employees, we give them the possibility to exchange wisdom and knowledge from their various unique experiences and backgrounds. 


Moreover, by interacting with clients who are current working professionals, our Ranwo assistants are able to increase their social community and potential networks.



Ebun Sanusi,

Our Founder

Founded by Ebun Sanusi, Ranwo is a product of insights that emerged from conversations she's had with single mothers as well as her own experiences growing up with a single mother household. 

While working as a teaching assistant and school governor, it became very clear to Ebun that young people were struggling to advance their educational and employment prospects – largely due to a lack of financial and educational support in their households. This problem also seemed to be heightened for students in single parent households. 

It became clear to see that the only way the educational and financial outcomes of young people could be improved was by looking at the big picture. Instead of isolating these problems and focusing solely on these young person, we also need to look at supporting their parents and the household as a unit. It was through this observation that Ranwo was birthed. 

Based on the accounts of single mothers given to our founder– it became very apparent that lots of marginalised and disadvantaged single parents fail to receive the support, education and advice necessary to advance their lives and the livelihoods of their children through employment.