Who are we?

Ranwo is a newly formed social enterprise with the sole objective of training single mothers with digital skills that enable them to take on work as virtual assistants. 

Ranwo was created to provide single mothers with a way of pursuing a sustainable career while also being a supportive parent to their children.

Ultimately, the platform will connect Ranwo assistants to remote jobs, thus removing the often difficult and costly barrier of childcare.

This mission is achieved in two stages. Firstly, Ranwo will provide a free training programme, which will focus on developing the important skills needed to work as a virtual personal assistant. Secondly, it aims to employ the participants on successful completion of the course by sourcing various jobs in the virtual assistant market.

Founded by Ebun Sanusi, Ranwo is a product of insights that emerged from conversations she's had with single mothers and her own experiences growing up with a single mother. 

While working as a teaching assistant and school governor, it became very clear to Ebun that young people were struggling to advance their educational and employment prospects – largely due to lack of financial and educational support in their households. This problem also seemed to be heightened for students in single parent households. 

It became clear to see that the only way the educational and financial outcomes of young people can be improved us by looking at the big picture. Instead of isolating these problems and focusing solely on these young person, we also need to look at supporting their parents and the household as a unit. It was through this observation that Ranwo was birthed. 

Moreover, based the accounts a number of single mothers gave to our founder through the Black Single Motherhood organisation – it became very apparent that lots of marginalised and disadvantaged single mothers fail to receive the support, education and advice needed to advance their lives and livelihoods of their children through employment. 

Ebun Sanusi, Our Founder