Do you need a Virtual Assistant?

Ranwo train single mothers to become Virtual Assistants (VAs) that help you clear time off your professional schedule by assisting with managing:


Calendars. Appointments. Emails. Calls. Notes 

Studies show that it takes us on average, 25 mins to get back to a taask after being interrupted.


Now think: how often does your phone ring throughout the day?


This is why delegating tasks that do not require your expertise will save you more time than you pay for 

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How can our VAs help you?

Managing and sorting emails 

Taking notes during calls or meetings

Managing calendars, reports and procedures 

Booking travel arrangements

Acting as first point of contact for the client

Arranging meetings, calls and sign-posting

Why hire a VA with us?

Our VAs are fully trained in-house to ensure seamless collaboration 

Access to admin support at the most convenient time for you

No need to hire a full-time employee

Access to great talent and professional assistants 

VA Services at  affordable rates 

Our Monthly Packages

All of our packages include all of the services described above, depending on your personal needs 

5 hours per week

Perfect for tasks here and there.

10 hours per week

Perfect for a regular worload

20 hours per week

Perfect for a constant presence


How will I communicate with my VAs?

You can choose to communicate with them in way that best suits both of you. You can also arrange a designated slot for communicate during the week between you and your assistant 

Do I get assigned one virtual assistant?


At Ranwo, we care about quality for both parties. this means that our VAs share their workload via a task management system so they can focus on what they are good at. This means that an assistant is assigned to you on a task-by-task basis 

Do I get assigned an experienced VA or a trainee?

All clients get at least one experienced VA to be their main point of contact. Of course, if you would like to work with a trainee VA at a reduced cost, please get in touch with us to arrange this.

How will I get matched with my VA?

At Ranwo, we are commited to quality. We will get in touch with you for a free consultation to find out more about you and your company. We will then match you with the most appropriate VA.